The Gates – Christo and Jeanne-Claude in Central Park, New York

Gina (my wife) and I finally saw a real Christo event… We know about and admire Christo since our college years back in Sofia (Bulgaria). He was a kind of a hero for us for the obvious reason of his success as an artist but also for the fact that he had left then communist Bulgaria for France (and later for the US) – seeking artistic and personal freedom.

In 1993, while studying at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, we had the chance to see Christo at an event hosted by the Detroit Institute of Arts… where the organizers were a bit quick to interrupt Christo when he started talking about freedom. I guess Detroit’s “bourgeoisie” expected a lecture strictly about “art”.

And now – “The Gates” – really beautiful. I’ll post our pictures of The Gates later. For now… here is one… of us… happy… at the event: