My Wife – One Cool "Boston Area Creative Type" – Says CREATE Magazine

My wife Virginia (dba Zayko) was selected to be featured in the main story (Branding Your Creative Business) of the Fall 2005 Boston edition of CREATE Magazine – along with only three other “creatives” from the Boston area.

“We unravel the mystery behind cutting-edge branding by revealing what creative types in Boston are doing to brand their own businesses” – says CREATE Magazine.

Linda K. Pilgrim (the writer) explains the strength of the Zayko brand as coming from a mixed “professional/personal touch.”

Gina is given almost a page of precious “professional press” space – in a story about the holy grail of marketing and design – branding. Not just any branding – but branding of the creative business itself.

I feel a mounting pressure inside me – to stop bragging. Ok… that’s it.