Hey Digerati, Blogorati, Technorati…

“… CBS poll this month found that 51 percent of respondents believed humans were created in their present form by God. A further 30 percent said their creation was guided by God. Only 15 percent thought humans evolved from less advanced life forms over millions of years. Other polls show that only around a third of American adults accept the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe, even though the concept is virtually uncontested by scientists worldwide. ‘When we ask people what they know about science, just under 20 percent turn out to be scientifically literate,’ said Jon Miller, director of the center for biomedical communication at Northwestern University.” – from CNN.

What should I say… I spent a great many percent of my life in a country where way over 5o percent of the population used to believe that humans were created in their present form by The Great Wheel of History.

Hey digerats, blogorats, technorats… are you with us… or against us?

Just joking… 🙂