Digital Product / UI / UX Architect

Joined Akamai in June 2015 as a Senior User Experience Designer on the Luna Portal Team.

My last work before Akamai was Keeam. Keeam is a social blogging service – like a Twitter/Tumblr for prismatic (multi-faceted) self-expression. I was also the product architect (through Zayko) for BookMentors – the nonprofit platform where book lovers can donate to teachers who need books for their schools. Earlier, I was the product architect for Aidpage – online support network started in 2005, and JuiceTorrent – a crowdfunding service for fans to support their favorite indie bloggers, journalists, musicians, artists, and causes. I am also the co-creator of a desktop software product which has been used by thousands of local governments, nonprofits, hospitals, and even by offices of US senators and House members.

In a previous life, I was the youngest ever architect in Bulgaria (just eight months after graduation) to win a national architectural competition (and the ensuing commission) for a significant public building. Was also an Editor at an international magazine called “Architecture & Society“. In 1993, I wrote the “Anti-Architecture Manifesto” – published in Dimensions, the Journal of Architecture at the University of Michigan.

I’ve had the chance to work for quite some time from my home. This has given me the rare opportunity and privilege to observe from up close the lives and adventures of the squirrels in our backyard.


  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – PhD Program in Architecture
  • Sofia University – Postgraduate Program in Cultural Studies
  • University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sofia, Bulgaria) – Master of Architecture Degree

Bragging rights
Seems like my wife loves me!

On this blog, you’ll be reading my own opinions, not those of my employer.